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Brittany M. Barker

As a student of Elon University, employed by the English Department as a literary publishing intern, Brittany Barker has gained experience in the professional realm and worked with several publishers.

Barker has been the literary publishing intern since early 2016, which has enabled her to review and edit various works. She has also worked closely with authors to develop their personal websites and manage their working contact information.

Barker worked as the social media director of WSOE prior to working as a literary publishing intern. She began working for WSOE in September 2015 and created a functioning webpage for the student-run radio station.

While working as the social media director for WSOE, Barker worked as a campus news reporter from late 2015 to early 2016. She conducted interviews and published more than 15 news articles to for the Elon News website.

She served as a coach and assistant manager of Bristow Area Triathlon and Swim (BRATS). Barker’s responsibilities included coaching ages 4 to 15 in swimming, gaining sponsors and organizing race events to earn money for a variety of charities, including the Wounded Warriors.

Outside of working and studying in the university, Barker competes in triathlons, qualifying to compete in USA Triathlon National Championships three times and the Triathlon World Championships twice. She also has a trilogy that is in the editing process and on the way to publication. 

Barker is working towards graduating with a bachelor’s in creative writing and strategic communications. She currently resides in Bristow, Virginia.

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