Mind of this Department of Track and Track places

Prizes and achievements associated with the academic system. The academic system is accredited and contains a 120-year history. The degree-granting divisions associated with the institute (the Department of Track and Track places, the Department of Bridges, the Department of Underground Structures) had been frequently well liked for good quality of training. The textbook “Railway Engineering Management. Techniques, Principles, effectiveness” published by E.S. Spiridonov and T.V. Shepitko, teachers of just one regarding the five degree-granting departments (Construction Arrangement, Technology and Management) was granted a laureate diploma associated with the congress that is international “Global Education—Education Without Borders 2010.”

Russian University of Transport now offers a Bachelor’s system in Civil Engineering.

Teaching staff. The division employs very qualified staff including medical practioners and Candidates of Sciences. The instructors frequently boost their certification in accordance with the Top-100 system of this Russian Railways business, at running devices associated with the Russian Railways business, at construction organizations and construction facilities of Moscow , at Russian and international railway transportation universities, deliver lectures at universities of Kazakhstan , China , Lithuania , take part in worldwide congresses and seminars.

University partners in the academic system. The college cooperates with many transport, engineering and construction businesses including the Railways that is russian company Design Center additionally the Russian Railways business, the Moscow Metro, Metrogiprotrans, Mosmetrostroy, Mostotrest, Mosinzhproekt, Giprotransput, Giprostroymost, Giprotransmost, Transinzhstroy, Roszheldorproekt, USK Many, Transputstroy, yet others.

Alumni’s achievements. Alumni come in great need among construction, engineering and companies that are scientific. For instance, the Giprotransput design and research institute employs over 95% of alumni associated with Russian University of Transport, and 50% of employees associated with the Giprotransmost as well as the Giprostroymost connection construction businesses will be the college alumni.

The outstanding alumni consist of I.V. Hak, Director General associated with the SGK Transstroy Yamal construction business, from a family that is renowned of constructors (five generations specialized in this industry); A.V. Bobrikov, Director General associated with the Giprostroymost Institute, a third-generation bridge builder, and others.

Facilities and resources. The college gets the following facilities: a pc park, a research cryogenic laboratory, a track evaluating laboratory, a connection screening laboratory, a centrifuge (real simulation), a collection fund. You will find state-of-the-art lecture halls with multimedia gear, computer classrooms, pupil dormitories, an outpatient center, your house of customs and also the home of Sports for the Russian University of Transport including a track-and-field center, a large play ground (volleyball, basketball, futsal), men-only and women-only gyms, a weightlifting gymnasium, a creative gymnastics fitness center, a children’s pool, a fencing gymnasium, a shooting gallery, a boxing hallway; a soccer arena associated with Institute of Track, Construction and Structures.

Possibilities for pupils. Students regularly engage and win rewards in regional and all-Russian olympiads in energy of materials, theoretical mechanics, construction materials. They just simply take a dynamic component in pupil change programs ( France , Bulgaria ), worldwide research positioning in Germany ( Ruhr University in Bohum), Italy , the USA (universities in Memphis , Wyoming ), etc.

Pupils sponsored because of the Russian Railways receive additional education in line with the class program that is author’s. The division yearly posts an accumulation clinical documents of pupils, postgraduates, and experts.

Pupils undertake their work that is annual placement running devices regarding the Russian Railways, the Moscow Metro, at construction businesses such as for instance Mosmetrostroy, Mostotrest, Mosinzhproekt, at administrative departments and divisions of railways, divisions of engineering businesses, laboratories and divisions of research organizations, on construction trains plus in construction trusts, in connection construction teams and also at tunnel construction divisions, etc. Pupils can undertake work positioning in construction brigades, heading out for construction, reconstruction and operating upkeep of unique facilities (Baikal-Amur Mainline, Trans-Siberian Railway, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, the Kerchensky connection). As soon as throughout their work positioning students solve manufacturing tasks and obtain compensated jobs. Employer-sponsored students (about 70% for the pupil populace) are utilized at sponsoring businesses, other people are utilized because of the help regarding the college. The price of alumni work inside their level industry is 98-99%.

The expert graduation certification is recognized all around the globe, that allows professionals to follow a Master’s or postgraduate level in universities of Russia along with other nations.


Employment leads. Alumni operate in the world of location, design, construction, procedure, operating upkeep, repairs, reconstruction of transportation facilities such as for instance railway track, bridges, railway tunnels and metros, high-speed railway lines.

Alumni fill engineering vacancies during the Russian Railways business and at major engineering and construction businesses such as for example Giprostroymost, Giprotransmost, Mostotrest, Transinzhstroy, Roszheldorproekt, USK Most, etc.